Bonsaï Lumber: We know Lumber!

Bonsaï lumber is a leader in the lumber industry in Eastern Canada. The company was founded by a group of shareholders with numerous years of experience in the lumber business. Sawmill, end users and traders all came together to create a true partnership tool
that resulted in Bonsaï Lumber.

Our buyers are experts that know lumber better than anyone else on the market. They are available to answer all of your requests and help you overcome your lumber sourcing challenges.

We provide lumber expertise to:

  • Hardware stores
  • Pre-fabricated homes manufacturers
  • Roof truss manufacturers
  • Treatment plants
  • Pallets and Crates manufacturers
  • Building materials distributors

Quality lumber and the volume wanted:

  • Different grades: Premium, 1&2, Stud, MSR, N° 3, economy
  • Different species: Spruce, Pine, Fir, Aspen or hardwood
  • Different types: Dry, green, rough, or dressed lumber

Expert advice and orders that can be shipped anywhere:

Quebec – Ontario – Maritimes – United States – Overseas